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Local Video Marketing SEO Company www.TheLocalVideoSEO.com in Macon GA with BIGdeal Marketing Video and Digital Target Marketing and SEO Services in Macon, GA and beyond, with BIGdeal Marketing. Ranking on GOOGLE and YouTube is the biggest SEO must have right now! We are the Best SEO Company in GA and we can Get you Ranked on GOOGLE and YouTube!
The #1 Ranking Service in Macon, Warner Robins, Central GA and Beyond. We can guarantee Organic Ranking on GOOGLE in your Local Target Market area for the most commonly used keyword search phrases!

So What’s The BIG deal?!
…Marketing!!! …that’s the #BIGdeal

We are a Digital Marketing Company bent on driving motivated customers straight to your door! Customer Reviews are a very strong way to Market your business via the internet… Search Engine Optimization is an even more powerful tool used by the pro’s to increase their customer base. Well, we’ve gone one step further and combined these two Powerhouse Marketing Ideas!

Video is the next big thing in SEO! We can provide the professional videography and photography needed to take your project or company to the next level! Did you know that Google bought YouTube?! Yep it’s true. So now Google is ranking video higher than other media on the internet including webpages! They want people to watch more YouTube because they own it now! This means if you rank with a video on the front page results in a GOOGLE search then you get better click through! That video link also pops up with an HD thumbnail where others will simply have that oh so common blue text link. Get ahead of the competition with the Video SEO Specialists here at BIGdeal Marketing!
The Local Video SEO

Ranking means; …when someone searches for your business type or a service you offer on Google.com, whatever website or page or map or video is at the top of the search results list has “ranked”.

The value of having a positive review video of your business or service as the top search results on Google is almost innumerable!

It’s a #BIGdeal …You’re a #BIGdeal …and we want people to know it!

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