How to Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool

How to use the Google keyword planner tool, the new keyword research tool from Google Adwords video tutorial shows how to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research.

Created by RankYa YouTube channel, this video is an updated version to previous video tutorial on keyword research using Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool.
To learn more about using this new keyword research tool by Google Adwords visit:

Because ideally you should learn to target the most effective keywords for your Adwords Campaigns: To learn how to setup Google Adwords Campaigns visit:

Keep in that the best set of keywords should be relevant to your landing page product or services, because choosing relevant keywords will provide better user experience and landing page experience (as well as the important Quality Score). Ideally, for each Google Adwords Ad group you should select around 20 to 30 set of keyword combination and advertise for those search terms.
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Best way to learn more about this new tool is to experiment with all the options (including keyword match types (broad match, exact match and phrase match)) available through the interface and keep in mind that you use this tool for estimated bid amount, average monthly search data, creating ad groups and learn about how these keywords may perform when advertising in Google Adwords.
Thank you for learning with and I’ll talk with you in the next video session.

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