How long will my website take to rank in search engines like Google?

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The single biggest question I hear, see, have to answer, etc., is about how long it will take to rank a website in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

The real answer is until it ranks. Some terms, some brands, ones that are regional or local, that I can build citations for, that have small markets, and low competition, yield results in a few weeks or days. Others, especially national businesses, that have some decent competition, can take a month, 3 months or even more.

And anyone that says otherwise, might not be 100% on the up and up.

7 most asked internet marketing questions answered

Marketing dollars are always on a business owners mind. However, things like SEO (search engine optimization), can yield long-term effects that go beyond the initial budget for current SEO work done. In fact, when done correctly, content and SEO methods correctly performed in 2015, can yield results into 2016 and 2017 easily!


Fast doesn’t always equal good. In fact, you can, theoretically, pay a lot more for SEO services, and find yourself placed and traffic generated on day one. How long those results last, how often Google may see these as spammy tactics is another story.

For most brands, you can expect an SEO audit, monthly SEO methods for your brand and for those items of action to last over a few months. However, the results can create more leads per months than other forms of marketing and advertising than you have participated in or purchased in the past.

The point here? You need to be patience. In that patience, you should see results. However, don’t expect overnight, first-page rankings for your brand. But over time, your brand awareness, organic search traffic and lead conversion into sales should be occurring.

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7 most asked internet marketing questions answered


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